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car camping image of car crossing waterWhat is ‘Car Camping’? It’s a great way to camp! Instead of walking to your camp site you load up your car with all your camping gear and do it in style and comfort. You can bring far more equipment with you and operate from the car as a base. This allows you to concentrate on enjoying the outdoor eating, the camp site and the day hikes. Some people even like to camp in their car rather than pitch a tent which is a really cool idea. If you do this, make sure you have warm pillows and covers or sleeping bags as it gets very cold in a car at night.

There are loads of practical quality items for your “car camping” needs. Practical products like cargo nets and boot liners are a must to protect your car. Car seat covers and floor mats are great improvements for any car. Below is a guide to some of our great products. We’ll even provide you with an essentials packing list for all your gear to ensure you have as much trouble free fun while ‘car camping’ in comfort.

Car Camping Tips

Here we have a short check list for your consideration before your ‘Car Camping’ trip.
1) Water – take more than you need as you might not get a resupply when you get to your various destinations so best to be over preparred.
2) Food – take loads so that you will be fine if your car breaksdown or you are unable to get home when you planned due to some other unforseen circumstances.
3) First Aid – always make sure you havea decent first aid kit in the vehicle and also on your person when leaving the car for a walk. It does save lives.
4) Fuel – make sure you have plenty of fuel. I would also take an additional fuel can that is full just in case you puncture your fuel tank when you drive across any fields to get to your camp site. Also have a DIY fuel tank patch repair kit which is a cheap item but great as a ‘just in case’ item.
5) Cooking and heating – have several fire starting methods and tools available. Some may fail.
6) Battery – do not use your headlights for lighting up your camp site. Your car battery could go flat. Remember, you definitely will not be able to push start your car off a grass field.
7) Tell someone – always let people know when and where you are going as there isn’t always a signal for your mobile in times of trouble.
8) 4×4 – you might get stuck so plan methods of getting your car moving. Especially important of your parking in a field off the beaten track in a car that is not a 4×4.
9) Test and clean your Tent and other gear – look for damage and smells and rectify where appropriate.
10) Tow ropes – ALWAYS have tow rope as you may need to help others too.


Heavy Duty Rubber Car Mats

We have the perfect heavy duty black rubber car mats for your taxi, Landrover or any 4×4, family car’s etc. All of these mats have a deep tread pattern to catch all the muck and water you can throw at them. Last winter my Landrover Freelander floor was completely dry even though the mats were full of snow, grit and water. I simply lifted out the mats carefully and gave them a shake to empty out all the muck and the carpets were still perfectly clean and dry. The mats are not tailoured to fit a particular car area eactly as they have removeable trim around the edge that can be cut away carefully to ensure a snug tailoured fit. This will stop your mats slipping around and deforming.

Spare Wheel Covers

Whether you need a 4×4 spare wheel cover or a trailer wheel cover we have the right size spare wheel cover for you. Supplied by Maypole our covers are heavy duty, easy to fit and practical. They cover the spare wheel protecting it from the elements and look good too. If you are not sure what size spare wheel cover you need for your 4×4 or trailer just send us the code on the sidewall of your tyre and we will figure it out for you and send the correct size. The code goes something like 255/30/R16.

Handy Driving Products

There are a huge range of car products on the market and alot of them don’t pass out standards. Do they serve a practical useful function and are they of good quality? All our products are and we are always striving to find more. A picnic rugs or car blankets in your boot is a good idea in case of breakdown, they are also handy for impromptu picnics and a hundred other uses. We have a great range including waterproof backed rugs for picnics. A tow rope is also handy in the boot just in case. A cargo car boot net keeps items in your boot secure and helps prevent flying objects in the car in a crash.

Dogs in the car are very messy, especially if they have a puddle fetish like our chocolate labrador! Whether you prefer to have your dog in the front, rear or boot we have car covers for dogs. Our most popular is the heavy duty rear hammock dog car seat cover which covers all the rear. That includes covering the back of the front seats, rear seats and the floor! It attaches to the front seats all the way to the top of the rear seats in a hammock fashion. It has access to seatbelts and can be zipped in half to allow for human passengers. Other waterproof back seat covers include a similar one to the hammock but without covering everything. If your dog prefers to sit in the front we have a front seat cover for dogs which is side airbag compatible. What is really clever is that the whole cover rolls up into a pillow so the seat can be used for passengers quickly. In the back we have car boot liners that cover and one that is a boot cover and bumper flap to stop stratches. The window grille is a good idea to keep in the car in case of hot days. Remember to use a suitable dog harness when your dog is in the car.

Sometimes though you may need just need protective covers for your car, van or pick-up to guard against workclothes, kids or just general dirt. We have basic car front seat protective covers and action seat covers which are airbag compatible and matching rear car seat covers. If you require really hardwearing and strong heavy duty front seat covers and heavy duty rear seat covers then we have them too. Also van seat covers

Car seat covers can instantly transform the interior of your car and freshen up old cars and protect newer cars. We have leather look car seat covers which are two different sizes to ensure a great fit they are also side air bag compatible covers too. Our beige leather look seat covers are easy to fit and are universal fitting.

Keeping your car tidy and finding a place to keep maps etc is easier with car seat organiser and boot tidy organiser.

Keeping your boot clean with a boot liner. Armour all wipes in their tubs are really good, we have glass wipes, leather wipes and matt and gloss dashboard wipes.


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