Survival skills. Would you survive? How do you prepare?

survival route blockedSurvival situation. What would you do first?
Is everyone together right now?
Do we have clean water?
Do we have food?
Are we safe here?
Do we stay here or move?
What are the main threats to us?


Survival Skills – Lets look at some of the main issues we would all face in an disaster situation.

Are we all together or do we need to get some of our family back home? If we need to pick someone up from work or school then the longer we delay in responding to the possible threat or situation we will probably face increased difficulties with travel. This has immediate effects on our long term survival. Have a plan of action and act fast. This quick thinking also applies in a situation where you need to travel away from where you live to get to a safer place.
Some of your major survival worries should be about food and water then there are a few things you can do. Prepare by having a larder. If you buy extra tinned or long lasting food then you can build up a fairly decent sized supply over time. You should think about what you and your family would need for long term survival. How much sugar, milk, cereal, meat, coffee, etc. As your food ages you can use it in the kitchen and replace which your next shopping trip. Bear in mind that food would be high currency in a bad situation so have additional goodies to use as trade with neighbours or people who have survival skills and equipment that you may need to trade for. Do not tell everyone about your store of food etc. as someone else will nick it, putting you all in danger. Be discreet. Also it is a good idea to have some food stored in a secondary more unusual hidden location just in case you are forced to give up your main stash. You need to be clever and one step ahead when it comes to survival. If there is a disaster and you are worried about water supply then immediately fill your bath and sinks with water. Fill spare bottles with water too. We sell water containers, flasks and water purification tablets in our on-line shop. It’s better to have too much water and find it’s not needed than to be in a situation where you have no water at all. Water supplies could stop or be contaminated.

If you do want to be prepared for a survival disaster then pull all your kit together now and decide how it should be stored in the house, car or garage. Ensure that it is quickly and easily accessible in an emergency. It’s no good having lots of great survival gear if it’s all in the loft and garage mixed in with rubbish. If you have quick response bags ready and food storage sorted along with good clothing then you’re already ahead of 99% or people in a survival situation.

Other survival ideas might be to ensure you can provide medication, power, heat, light, fuel, etc. in the longer term. All theses things will take the pressure off many survival situations and provide you with options and time. You can buy many products from our on-line shop to avoid problems but I would also advise that you read up and develop your own survival skills. It is your knowledge and skills that will help you survive long after your last tin of beans! Practice makes perfect so try your hand at these skills well before you need to use them for real.

People are a major threat in any disaster or survival situation. If you can just try and appear to the local community as a nice helpful family with keen knowledge and skills then that’s great. It would not be a good idea to tell everyone how prepared you are or what stuff you have, but if you get on well with everyone then you can perhaps get them together during a situation and develop a plan for the local area. This would hopefully create a more stable feeling locally. There is definitely strength in numbers and a street or community would be far stronger and safer working together. Here’s a small example: You wouldn’t give away all your matches and lighters but if you show neighbours how to start a fire themselves without matches then that will remove the temptation for someone to go looking for yours.

If you are on the move in a survival situation, again, be discreet, have a plan, have a backup plan, make sure you know how to get to your destination safely.

Clothing – make sure all your family have at least a warm set of clothes and walking boots. We sell hats, gloves, thermals, tee shirts, jumpers, fleeces, jackets, trousers, socks and boots.

Rucksacks are a definite requirement as your car may not last the duration of a situation.

Food – 24 Hour Ration Packs or ‘Rat Packs’ are a great addition to any food store or rucksack.

Stay calm, be clever, be safe, survive.


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