Will carandcamping.co.uk link to me? Can I link to carandcamping.co.uk?

LINK – See below

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Link? Good Question. Yes, we may link to you. Please e-mail us at [email protected] and include a brief explanation of why you think it would be beneficial to do so.

If you do wish to link to us please link to the following page:


carandcamping.co.uk is a trading name and website for ’1st Harrison Ltd.’.

We will not link to:

Sites we find offensive or in bad taste.
Link farm sites.
Sites that we feel could damage the ’1st Harrison’ brand.
Sites that have no relevance to our business or staff.

We would like to link to:

Clubs or organisations.
Air Cadets sites
Army Cadet Sites
Combined Cadet Force Sites
Scout sites
Girl Guide sites
Weather forecast sites
Mountain Rescue
Fishing or Hunting sites
Military related sites
Camping related sites
Hillwalking, Hiking sites
Outdoor lifestyle sites
News sites
Survival sites
Motoring sites

We may not have listed your type of site above but if you do feel the customer traffic would be beneficial it would be good to create a link to us then still get in touch with us.

If we link to a site and it’s content changes to completely different subject matter, we will remove it if it has no relevance or is considered a nuisance.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and to contemplate linking with us. If you do have any further questions then please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail [email protected] or by phone (01506) 431100.

If you like our products through FACEBOOK, TWITTER, or YOUTUBE then we would love this! Every Like, Share or Link helps us grow and we do really appreciate the difference you can make – thank you so much!

Can I buy in bulk from 1st-harrison Ltd?

Bulk Ordering

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You can buy in bulk from ’1st Harrison Ltd.’ by either going straight into our on-line shop and completing the normal order process or you can call or e-mail us before you order to discuss the following:

Stock Availability

We are an efficient business holding approximately a weeks worth of stock for each product. This is replenished weekly before stock runs out. If you order products in bulk and we do not have the stock, we can get the stock into our warehouse quickly. Within one to four days depending on the manufacturer/supplier. We would advise you of any delays.

Detailed Product Specifications

For bulk orders we would send a sample product to ensure you accept it as ‘fit for purpose’ before shipping the entire order. This is to remove possible rejection of the product before any costly bulk ordering and shipping.

Product Pricing and Discounts

It is possible to gain a bulk discount and this will be discussed with you upon request.

Bulk Carriage pricing and process

You will be advised of all carriage pricing in advance and the postal method being used. You can also be advised which company is transporting your order and tracking numbers can be made available. If you have specific instructions or procedures regarding delivery to your address, please advise in advance.

Bulk Payment Process

Payment would normally be made in full and in advance of dispatch by BACS Transaction. If an invoice is required prior to payment we should be advised during the initial discussion.

Tender Process

We are happy to enter into a tender process and provide the relevant paperwork. We can trade with corporate, government, charity and other large organisations.

Bulk Returns

We do not accept returns of bulk orders unless we have shipped the wrong product or the product is proven to be faulty. You would need us to accept fault before attempting to return the order. We always advise getting a sample of the product sent prior to a bulk order. This ensures you are getting the product you need. We do pride ourselves in our customer service and we are always available to help avoid any issues.

If you have any further questions then please either call us on 01506 431100 and ask for Richard or e-mail us at [email protected]

Do 1st-harrison Ltd supply Public Sector Companies?

Public Sector Companies

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Yes, 1st Harrison Ltd. do supply public sector companies.

If you see a product that you need or if you need help sourcing something that you think we can help with, contact us.

Call us on 01506 431100 and ask for Richard to discuss. You can also e-mail us at: [email protected]

I am a member of a club/group, can we have a discount?


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Yes, it is possible for us to provide a discount for some customers but this is based on many factors. If you wish to ask for a discount for yourself or an organisation then do please e-mail us at the following e-mail address:

[email protected]

Tell us who you are and why you would like a discount.

We cannot guarantee a discount but we can guarantee that we will look into it for you and get back to you.

Is this a Secure safe site?


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Yes. This is a secure site. We have listed some of the design and procedural measures taken to make this a safe site to shop with:


Our shop security is supported by Cubecart and we have anti-bot settings to remove the possibility of bot spam hacking.

Secure Server

We also have high security admin and server settings.

Web Traffic Levels

Our web traffic volumes are monitored to identify any unauthorised increased volumes in traffic.


Continual spam/hacking attempts are reported to the relative internet policing companies/authorities for closure.


None of your financial data is held by us.

Can I make a secure payment?


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Yes, our payment processing is completed within high security Banking Portals or by Paypal. This is secure and can process your Debit or Credit Cards easily. Your Debit or Credit Card details are NOT held here on site either electronically or on paper. We do not actually capture or hold your card details within our website at any time.

Cheque or Postal Order – Can I pay with these?

Cheque or Postal Order

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Yes we do accept your cheques or postal orders. Do please bear in mind that a cheque will take up to ten working days to clear before we would dispatch the order. Postal orders clear immediately if they have not been spoiled/defaced.

If there is a problem with your cheque we can send it back to you free of charge or destroy it. If your Postal Order is unusable then we can send it back to you free of charge.

Please remember to include the following with your cheque or postal order:

(1) The correct postage costs (£3.99 UK Standard, £5.99 24 hour Courier, £7.98 delivery to Europe)
(2) Your user name and address
(3) Your Order Reference
(4) Name of the products bought
(5) Full Delivery address
(6) Size colour instructions
(7) Any delivery instructions

What Information do I need to give?


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Name, Address and contact number are required so that we can deliver your order. We may also require size and colour information regarding the products you purchase. Payment details are taken by our “Secure Payment Portals” which is provided by Cardsave, Sagepay or PayPal. This is secure and can process your Debit or Credit Cards easily. Your Debit or Credit Card details are NOT held here on site either electronically or on paper.

Can I pay over the telephone?

Telephone Orders

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Yes. Please feel free to call customer services on 01506 431100 and ask for Callum.

Telephone orders are welcome. We can create your order on-line for you and take a secure payment for a quick dispatch. We do not keep your financial data.

We have a secure link to each banking portal which means we have the added security of not needing to hold any of your financial data here on our site. None of your information is shared with anyone.

Do I need to have a Paypal Account to make a payment?


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No, your payment can be processed by Sagepay, Cardsave or Paypal.

Data protection. Is my data ever shared or available to others?

Data Protection

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No, we never share your information with anyone. None of your financial information is held on our site. As soon as you have paid the data is gone. It is not stored with us.

Can I make payment with a Business / Commercial Credit Card?

Business Credit Card

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Unfortunately many business credit cards are not accepted by our on-line banking portals.

BACS payments are ideal and extremely safe so please ask for our Bank Account and Sort Code details if your card is not being accepted.

We do want your business as every customer is important to us.

What size do I need?


Size image

Check out our size charts page here.

Size information included for:
Spare Wheel Cover
Toolbags centimeters to inches

How long will my order take to arrive?


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Most orders arrive the next working day (for orders completed before 08:00 am) but we cannot guarantee the speed of the Royal Mail Service so please allow 2-3 days for delivery by Royal Mail 1st Class.

Fedex Courier deliveries will be made the next working day (for orders completed before 12 noon).

We do not process orders on weekends. If we receive an order on a Friday for quick delivery (Normally a courier service) we may decide to send it via Royal Mail 1st Class Recorded to speed up the delivery.

Can I return an order? How?


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Yes. As long as your order is returned in clean original condition and packaging with tags and we have been informed of the return within thirty days of the original purchase.

You can also return an order if the product is faulty. Faults are normally apparent immediately upon receipt of an order but we do check products before dispatch so this is not a common issue. If you have been using a product for some time and you feel that it has developed a fault that is not due to fair wear and tear please contact us.

Do not return an item without contacting us first. You will be given a reference number.

Please include a note to identify your purchase (the original paperwork and the green Returns Slip would be ideal) with your Name, Address, Date of Sale, Sales Reference Number.

Clearly state whether you want a replacement or a refund and the reason why.

Return address is:
1st-Harrison Ltd.,
Unit 1,
Knightsridge Ind Est,
Knightsridge East,
West Lothian.
EH54 8RA.

Questions unanswered

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If you can’t find the answer you need for your questions – give us a call on 01506 431100.

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