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Spare Wheel Cover Heavy Duty 4x4 Quality

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Spare Wheel Cover

Heavy Duty Quality Soft Black Spare Wheel Cover

These great spare wheel covers are perfect for any 4x4. You can protect the spare wheel on the rear or underside of your vehicle. Many new city cars also have the problem of being supplied with no spare wheel so if you buy one you can cover it with one of these covers to ensure the interior of your car still looks tidy and fresh.

We have various sizes of spare wheel cover so if you are unsure which diameter you need then simply e-mail us your tyre size (e.g. 185 x 65 x 15) which can be found on your tyre's side wall and we will tell you what size cover you need.

Easy to fit and with elasticated band
Tear resistant high quality faux leather
Improve the look of your car instantly
Protects spare wheel from weather damage
Sign writing compatible
Easy to clean

If you are not sure which size is suitable for your vehicle please contact us and we will help.  Or send the code on the sidewall of your tyre (e.g. 255/70/16) with your order and we'll make sure we send the right one out.

We have been selling these covers for along time now and they always have great feedback.  They are excellent quality and look great. 

Available in many sizes (see below)

If you are not sure which size you require please send us the code on the sidewall of your tyre e.g. 255/70/16 by using the 'Note' section of your order form and we will send you the right size.

 Spare Wheel Covers - What Size do I need? Measure the diameter of your tyre.

Most cars use the 28, 29 or 31 inch covers. Most motorhome's use 24 inch covers. Trailers tend to use the 16 and 20 inch covers.

Note that a 16 inch alloy wheel does NOT use a 16 inch cover because the surrounding tyre makes it more like 31 inches in diameter.

If you need a spare wheel cover for your precious 4X4 but are unsure what size is needed just follow our tips below:

1) Identify your tyre size (e.g. 185 x 85 x 15). The '185' signifies that your tyre is 185mm wide and the second figure of '85' tells us that the height of the tyre is 85% of this width. The 15 represents the diameter of the tyre in inches.

2) divide the 185 by 100 to get the value of 1% (e.g. 1.85)

3) Multiply this value by the second figure which is 85 in this example, 85 x 1.85 = 157.25mm

This is the height of the tyre in millimeters.

4) As the tyre wraps around the wheel completely we need to double this value to ensure we get the outer diameter distance of the tyre from top to bottom. I'll explain this a bit clearer..... If you look at your spare wheel from top to bottom you would first see the top of the tyre and you would pass through 157.25mm of tyre, then you would look down and pass through the wheel itself which we know in this example is 15 inches tall, then you would pass through the tyre again which is 157.25mm tall which is why we double this value from 157.25 to 314.5mm

5) Convert the 15 inches value into millimeters e.g. 381mm either by using a tape measure of by using Google to find an "inches to millimeters" calculator.

6) Add the 381mm and the 314.5mm values to get 695.5mm which is just under 27 and a half inches.

We sell 28, 29 and 31 inch covers so the best size for this example would be the 28inch cover.

Hope this helps. If not, give us a call on 01506 431100 with your tyre size ready and we can work it out for you over the phone.

Free standard shipping for UK mainland orders!

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 4


Super fast delivery. Item was delivered less than 24hours after I placed the order. Great value for money. Would deal with you again in the future. Many thanks Mr PK Marshall

MR PK MARSHALL :: Nov 05 2010, 12:30 PM

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