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 Travel Rucksacks - What every backpacker should know about easy luggage.



 When travelling the luggage you take with you can make a huge difference to your comfort and enjoyment of the trip. Worries about carrying everything, easy access to essential items, packing and unpacking, keeping weight and volume down and security are usually top of the list when it come to the right travel bags. Travel ruckcases combine the best features of a suitcase and a rucksack and are especially made for travellers. Travel backpacks help you pack and unpack quickly, keep your contents safe and have loads of clever features to make travel and backpacking easier.

Combination of Day sack and Rucksack

Keeping weight down and carrying as little as possible is essential when travelling long distances. Travel rucksacks are normally large by nature and can have a huge capacity up to 115 Litres, so no worries about fitting everything in. This is great for carrying all you need but you won’t need all your stuff with you all the time and will want to leave the majority of your gear at your accommodation. A daypack is a must for daytrips and general day to day use when not on the road. The problem is you do not want to be carrying a daysack as well as a huge rucksack or worse having it take up valuable packing room in your suitcase. Travel rucksacks have the daysack attached to the front the main rucksack. It is easily detachable and has it’s own adjustable rucksack straps. It keeps weight down by combining the daysack with your packing volume. You can put all your sun cream, sunglasses, hats, flip flops or whatever you need in here to just go out at any time, then just attach to the main rucksack when you are off on your travels again. Ideal for on the plane as hand luggage.


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Ease of handling in airports and security.

When you are on the move you need to be able to move your luggage about in airports, ports, coaches etc in the easiest way. Rucksacks are ideal as they can be carried on your back, the biggest drawback though is the rucksack straps. The damage an airport carousel can do to your rucksack when the straps get caught in it can make your rucksack only fit for the bin. The last thing you need when you arrive in a new country is a huge rucksack failure. Travel rucksacks have a foldaway panel that your rucksack straps can be zipped behind completely. This saves them getting caught in anything and easy to unzip and use as a rucksack again. When the rucksack straps are zipped away there is handles for carrying them in suitcase fashion. Of course you can detach your daysack for your essential hand luggage on the plane. Another big worry in airports, ports and general travelling about with your luggage is security. You do not want anybody stealing or putting things in your bags when unattended by you. The travel rucksack has padlockable zips, a small padlock will deter most opportunistic criminals.




Easy packing and easy access.

When you get to your destination you will want to be able to pack and unpack easily and have quick access to all you need. This is where suitcases are ideal, easy to open and unpack and pack. The traditional rucksack is a nightmare for keeping clothes tidy and if your favorite top is at the bottom then you’ll have to unpack the whole thing or spend precious fun time rooting about in the bottom of the case trying to feel your way around. The travel rucksack has thought of this and very cleverly open up on all three sides with a huge zip in a suitcase like fashion. This means that you will be able to pack clothes flat rather then stuffed through the top of a rucksack. The main compartment can be divided into two to separate clean and dirty, the bottom of the rucksack has a zip too to allow you to find what you need at the bottom quickly and easily. They also have a mesh bag for toiletries etc.




Comfortable carrying

Carrying a large rucksack for any length of time can be uncomfortable even more so if your rucksacks straps aren’t sitting right for you and rubbing. Everybody is different and require different strap heights and lengths. Travel rucksacks have a fully adjustable straps system where the whole system can be removed and postitioned to suit height from the smallest to the tallest person. All the straps are adjustable in length too so it can be tailored exactly to you. Essential padded straps for comfort are as standard and most have a mesh air cooling back to prevent you getting too hot and sweaty.


Clever Ideas

Other features that can be found on most travel backpacks is a little zipped purse on the waist strap. This is a great idea and save you taking the rucksack off your back to find keys and change. There are lots of attachment points for juice bottles, sleeping mats and such like.


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